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APE2Revit v0.0.1.1 (Work in Progress)

We are currently working on integrating our technology AdaptivePartsEnvironment into Autodesk Revit® utilizing Rhino.Inside®. Here you will find the WIP-files to try it out and support us with your feedback.

Some important notes:

  • Works only on Revit 2023 (Otherwise installer will not install anything or will show error message)

  • Rhino.Inside.Revit must be installed, otherwise plugin won't import Ape parts

  • AdaptivePartsEnvironment in Rhino must be running in "Creator mode", not in "Free Mode"

  • Export part in Rhino using "apeExportPart" command, and import that part in Revit.Ape. First import will take time, because it will load Rhino.Inside, and initialize Grasshopper internally. After that, it should be faster

Quick intro how to install and use

- Rhino 7 
- Adaptive Parts Environment plugin for Rhino v1.0.62.3
- Autodesk Revit 2023
- RhinoInside.Revit v1.14
- Creator license for Adaptive Parts Environment

Currently not supported:
- APE definitions that contain script components
- Certain inputs like Dropdown, color picker, Mesh
- Picking multiple geometries through inputs
- APE Profiles
- Spark components, AD Lock


To uninstall, you must go to Control Panel =>Programs => Programs and Features, and find the "Adaptive Parts Environment for Revit", and uninstall.

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