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Why you should use APE

Uncover the Top Reasons It's Perfect for You!

LowCode CAD Revolution
Swift, Simple, Shareable Tool Development for All

Say goodbye to time-consuming full code development and steep learning curves. With LowCode technology, anyone can create CAD tools quickly and easily. APE empowers engineers, designers, and industry experts to develop and share tools tailored to their needs. Protect your intellectual property by wrapping your source code, create user-friendly interfaces, and enjoy ongoing extensions and integrations. For the first time, effortlessly create protected, shareable CAD tools that run within your existing CAD software – without programming expertise. Let us handle licensing and soon, distribution through our marketplace, while you focus on innovation.


Harness the Power of Grasshopper

APE is built on the robust foundation of Grasshopper for Rhino3D – the most advanced lowcode CAD platform in the industry. With over 650 third-party tools currently available for seamless integration, you'll never run out of innovative solutions to tackle even the most complex design challenges, including cutting-edge machine learning and AI tools. And if you need more customization, APE also supports full code integration with C#, C++, Python, and VB. Unleash the full potential of your designs with the power of APE.


Tailored to YOUR Needs
Versatile and Scalable for Any Industry, Any Office Size

At Rhenso, we understand that every industry and every office is unique. That's why APE is designed for YOU – to help you develop and deploy the precise tools you need to optimize your workflow. Benefit from the expertise of industry professionals who have already created powerful tools to streamline their processes, and use APE to build your own custom solutions.
APE is not limited by industry or office size. Whether you're a small design studio or a large-scale manufacturing facility, APE is the perfect solution to help you boost efficiency, save time, and stay ahead of the competition.


Build with Grasshopper – usable inside every software

Your tools are available directly where you do your design work – inside your CAD system you are used to. No need to use a cloud service or upload your data. Work online and offline also with sensitive data. Instead of adding another silo system APE allows you to keep on working in your used to CAD design environment. Instead of adding another software APE will boost your existing CAD design software and give it superpowers.
Through Rhino.Inside Technology, your tools – build in Grasshopper will be available in any CAD software. Not only in CAD. It can be connected to Excel, Word, PowerBI Adobe products or almost any other software. Currently we support Rhino and Revit… more to come 

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