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To Install the plugin use the YAK PackageManager integrated in Rhino, search for AdaptivePartsEnvironment, download and install the plugin. Alternatively you can use our installer (uses PackageManager as well) which you can download here:


Some companies restrict the use of Rhino3Ds YAK-package manager. There is a workaround to install our plugin by adding a local YAK-depository and placing the file there. Please see our article how to do so and dowload our YAK-file here:

After installation you will need to choose a licensing model. For any licensing you will need to register as a user. For all license models except the Free-License model  you will need additionally a buy a license key at our webshop and register this license key into your Rhino3D CloudZoo Account.


After installing you can start creating your first AdaptivePart Yourself. We recommend watching this video on how to do so:

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