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Automate Repetitive
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We believe you deserve better CAD-Tools.

Experience the future of CAD-Development with LowCode Technology

Our groundbreaking AdaptivePartsEnvironment (APE) is designed to empower you with the tools and flexibility to automate your processes and streamline your workflow.

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Founded in 2002 by Emre İSTİKAM the office has become one of the leading engineering companies for facades and has been involved in some of the most advanced building skins around the world.

"At Emre Istikam, we are always striving to improve our workflow processes and stay at the forefront of technological advancements in the architectural and construction industry. That is why we are integrating the latest new technology in our workflow by using the AdaptivePartsEnvironment plugin.

This cutting-edge tool will help us expedite our work processes and deliver better results for our clients. We are committed to moving from the traditional programs to the new automation era, and the AdaptivePartsEnvironment plugin is a crucial step in that direction."

Accelerate your digital evolution:
Craft limitless CAD applications at lightning speed.

Harness the Power of Grasshopper

Unleash limitless design potential with Grasshopper's advanced lowcode CAD platform, 650+ integrations, and AI capabilities.

Tailored to YOUR Needs

Tailored for you, elevate efficiency and innovation across industries, regardless of office size.

Free photo computer display with 3d rend

INSIDE your favorite Software 

Enhance your CAD system with seamless integration, compatibility across software, and powerful in-app tools.

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